Pet Leeches, Pioneer Cheats, and Being Back in the Bush

Our time in Thunder Bay flew by way too quickly. The weather was gorgeous, we visited friends, we went cool places, we stayed out late at night, we gratefully enjoyed generous hospitality from our hosts, Graeme and I even got out to a movie, and suddenly it was the sad day that we had to say goodbye. Back in Hometown we found out we wouldn’t be going into camp the next morning, as thought, but the day after that. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles rejoiced. I wished I could have spent one more day with Graeme. But we had fun in Hometown, and soon enough we were back in Ignace (thanks for the ride Joanna) and on an Otter flying back into the bush. The kids picked up the same arguments they left off on and everyone wanted to talk at once. They were excited to see each other. Last night was our first night back and in that strange way that we all experience in this place, it feels like we never left. Except for the memories gained on our outing.

Zachary caught a “pet leech” he is keeping in a bucket. Sarah wanted one too, and clever girl that she is, asked her dad for one out of the bait bucket! They have now named their pets Slimer and Sucker. Of course, having a pet leech is all the rave now and Josh and Gabe both plan to scan the waters tomorrow until they come up with their own pets, which they have named in advance: Water and Swimmer. It is amazing how affectionate one can be with a leech. They lovingly carass them, rinse them when they are sandy, allow them to suction onto their hands. I’m impressed. I doubt the leeches are – assuming leeches have the capability to be unimpressed.

We started our pioneer sewing today with a fully modern sewing machine. We are cheating. Yes, and proud of it. My sister loaned her machine for my last ten days in here. That will give us plenty of time for costuming everyone.

I sat on the beach tonight, MSN-ing Graeme, and it was fantastic. The breeze, finally cool, came off the lake. Only two mosquitoes bothered me. The loons called. The moon shone. Now I am back in the cabin and, ironically, the bugs are driving me insane. For the most part they are not biting bugs, but the kind that flutter in your face, clumsily get stuck in your moist eyes, hover across the surface of your skin, and plaster themselves against the computer screen. I can’t take it any longer. There millions… literally millions! I just realized they were coming through the screen! Until next time……..

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