A Creation Museum in Winnipeg!

Edited November 16, 2007: The Creation Museum in Winnipeg has a new home at Oxford Bible Church.  We saw it when it was still in the basement of John’s home.  He has a lot of interesting stuff.  Check it out!

Recently, we discovered that a creation museum is in the works in Winnipeg. Zachary and I saw some of the items from the display last Sunday at Oxford Bible Church.

If you are interested to learn more about what the scientific evidence actually supports, here is an interesting and in depth read:

oneSmallSpeck.jpg One Small Speck to Man by Vij Sodera

“Anyone who has no doubt that chimpanzees are our distant cousins, or that fishes and worms share a common ancestry with humans, either has not studied the wealth of evidence to the contrary….. or is living in a state of denial.”

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